Saturday, March 6, 2010

Check Out Our Updated Website!

Hello Carvers,

We would like to welcome you to visit our newly designed website.

Thank you,
Bonnie & Gil Drake


  1. Gil & Bonnie
    Love the new Web Site,very user friendly I'm sure it will be a Hit with everyone and help you Sell even more Knives & Tools! Keep up the Great Product and Work.

    Hal in Seatlle

  2. Gil and Bonnie,

    I am a new customer so I am new to you. However, your reputation precedes you, and I am well aware of your great tools. I am very excited and cannot wait to receive my first order in the mail. The Web Site is very user friendly and comfortable. I would only advise that you add additional pictures of each tool with better clarity (when you zoom in they are all fuzzy) and perhaps different angles. This would greatly add in the customers ability to view the tool before purchasing. Thank you so for offering such a great service and product.

    Very Respectfully and Gratefully,


  3. Hey - I thought I'd take a peek to see what Drake Knives is all about. Mark Akers recommended that I check you out so here I am.

    Is there a link here n the blog to get us back to your web site?

  4. Just acquired a set of 10 Drake knives -- mix of V, gouge and flat cuttng tools -- which were on auction through eBay.

    They arrived yesterday, and I must tell you: they are really quite wonderful, both from a utility and esthetic point of view -- easily rivaling the pear-wood, palm carving set made by Two Cherries. And, the blades came VERY sharp!

    All in all, a beautiful product, done with fine worksmanship, with that sense of personal connection and committment to the buyer in your promise to replace any tool, for any reason, anytime, and even to sharpen/hone the tool(s), provided a protective envelope with return postage is provided. Don't really know what more anyone could ask for!

    Dion Pincus / NYC

  5. My wife got me some of your chisels for Christmas. They are amazing! Much nicer than my Flexcut tools. I didn't know a tool could cut like that. I'm making a box for them now. Nice website!

    Kodiak, AK